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Accounting and Finance

Provide Reliable Financial Management

  • Provide accurate monthly financial reporting to Executive Director and Board of Trustees
  • Prepare annual budgets and report against actual results
  • Improve reporting to funders and assure all revenue is billed and collected
  • Solidify accounting processes
  • Guide and assist with obtaining competitive quotes for auditing services and achieve reduced auditing costs based on improved condition of records

Information Technology

Manage Information Systems

  • Deliver an IT plan to align technology with the organization’s mission
  • Plan maintenance of servers to minimize down time
  • Support system users
  • Establish a technology plan for equipment upgrades and replacement

Human Resources

Provide Human Resource Assistance

  • Update your employee handbook
  • Review and upgrade job descriptions
  • Oversee and improve your annual employee evaluation process
  • Monitor compliance with statutory regulations

Early Warning Tool

Nonprofit Organizations’ Early Warning Tool

  • This guide is intended for use by board members and senior managers of nonprofit organizations to start of ask important questions
  • Detect warnings for further exploration to continue to advance your organization
  • Review your organization’s status annually
  • Use the guide on a regular schedule to monitor progress


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